conversations with artists

The Conversations with Artists series provides an opportunity for the public and students to hear from and speak with leading contemporary artists in an informal setting. Since its inception in 2006 nearly three dozen artists working in various media have participated, including Vito Acconci, Nikki S. Lee, Mel Chin, Walid Raad, and Wangechi Mutu, among others.

Michael Jones McKean September 14, 2017
Michael Jones McKean

McKean's work explores the nature of objects in relation to folklore, technology, anthropology, and mysticism. His complex installations and scuptures merge expansive by highly specific orderings of materials, processes, and substances.

Amy Cutler October 19, 2017
Amy Cutler

Cutler is known for exquisitely detailed narrative works of art created through a pastiche of personal memories, political observations, and cultural insights. Inhabited mostly by female figures who perform enigmatic tasks and engage in impossible situations, Cutler's works expose the emotional complexities of real life within a rich imaginary universe.

Chloe Piene November 16, 2017
Chloe Piene

Chloe Piene's videos and drawings assert a wry and morbid sexual prowess: the female nudes that she sketches are equally reminiscent of heavy-metal sirens, the death-march skeletons of Albrecht Dürer, and the emaciated figures of Egon Schiele. Ethereal, erotic, and sensual, yet slightly chilling, the female bodies she depicts lie prostrate in a moment of death.

Diana Al-Hadid January 11, 2018
Diana Al-Hadid

Using materials such as cardboard, plywood, plaster, and resin, Al-Hadid's sculptures are informed by an array of influences, both eastern and western -- ancient Biblical and mythological narratives, Arabic oral traditions, Gothic architecture, iconic western painting, Islamic ornamentation, and scientific advances in physics and astronomy.

Lyle Ashton Harris February 22, 2018

For more than two decades Harris has cultivated a diverse artistic practice ranging from photographic media, collage, installation and performance. His work explores intersections between the personal and the political, examining the impact of ethnicity, gender and desire on the contemporary social and cultural dynamic.

Amy Sherald March 29, 2018
Amy Sherald

Through her portraits, Amy Sherald explores the ways people construct and perform their identities in response to political, social, and cultural expectations, offering a critical view of African American history and the representation of the African American body. She is known for using a grayscale palette to paint skin tones as a way of challenging the concept of color-as-race.

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